People talk about the world needing a revolution.  I say it’s already started.  It’s just a different kind of revolution this time.  Although part of me wants to see the likes of George Bush, Tony Blair, the heads of Monsanto and others dragged out into the sunshine and hanged, the reality is that a bloody revolution is not going to solve the planet’s problems.

It’s people like you and me, and those behind the websites and links below, supporting one another, spreading the word, breaking away from the system at every opportunity.

I’ll be adding to this list as time goes by.  If you know of a website that you think should be here, please let me know.  

I want this guy for president!  He’s on the side of common sense and everything he writes is well researched and referenced. I recommend subscribing to his website to get his regular articles delivered to your inbox. 

I was brought up in the Scottish highlands and I used to think it was a natural wilderness.  It’s nothing of the sort.  It’s a landscape almost as domesticated as a farmer’s field.  I like to think that through the efforts of organisations like these my daughter will be able to go there and venture into a real wilderness.