Eco Lodge



Please click here for the full story of the extraordinary and constantly evolving Al Fayda Eco Lodge overlooking the Atlantic just north of beautiful Essaouira in Morocco. It’s been built from scratch over the last 10 years by Fertile Roots Director, Mark Anstice and his wife Ayelen, with the help of their fishermen and farmer neighbours and three stonemasons from the over the hill. Although cement has been used in parts of the construction the eco-lodge is largely built of earth, rock and lime.

Although not owned by the foundation, the eco-lodge is the Moroccan headquarters of the charity.  It’s central to our first project area and the communities of Al Fayda, Azrou Issa and Chicht and it’s where we hold our courses and workshops.  When it’s finished 20% of annual profits will be donated to the Fertile Roots Foundation.