We currently take in volunteers via different programs:

www.wwoofafrica.org (Host ID 8301)



www.volunteer4africa.org/ (Host ID 824)

Equally, of course, you can contact us direct.

Right now (winter 2014) we are looking for mature volunteers to help us plant around 400 windbreak trees, both at the eco-lodge and throughout a small demonstration site down the beach.  We also aim to build a ferro-cement cistern down there, clear stones and put a up a fence to stop sheep and goats getting in.  Most of the tree holes will be dug through caliche (calcrete) so it will be hard work.

We are also looking for anyone with real building experience, specifically in house electrics and lime plastering.

Please note that we do not take anyone under the age of 30 unless they have real experience or a specific skill that we have need of.

We will need four people from around mid December until February / March.

Volunteers may find themselves working with Ayelen or me, alone with other volunteers, on their own, with the locals who speak nothing but Arabic or it may be everybody together in a big permablitz. We will try to make it as interesting and informative an experience as possible, for both you and us. That said, please note that the bulk of the work this winter will be planting trees, which means digging holes through very hard ground!!  We are limited to 4 volunteers to begin with but as the project progresses I hope some of our neighbours will want to accommodate more.

Volunteers will be accommodated either in a 4m bell tent in the unfinished eco-lodge, in an unfinished bedroom or in the original farmhouse. Cooking and eating and relaxing will be in the house. It’s all very basic at the moment. Water is scarce so we wash in a bucket and the toilet is dry compost. The well water is good to drink. We are not vegetarian but different diets are not a problem. Volunteers will be expected to help out with cooking and other housework.

We provide food, a mattress and a pillow.  We do not provide sheets, blankets, towels or ANY work clothes (gloves, etc).  It can be quite cold if the wind is from the east so bring warm clothes, strong shoes and a 2-3 season sleeping bag.


Some photos of previous volunteers:


Will Shields helping Si Mohamed






Will, me and Martin Theinert


Michel Giannisini, master stone mason


Alfie Dring






Will Shields, addicted.


Pete (US), Lowrie and Jaak (both Estonian) doing a bit of dry stone walling.



Francisco Valle (Costa Rica) fixing in a door



and then making another.